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Ice Pack - Spaceman

Ice Pack - Spaceman

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Condensation-Free Ice Pack that keeps your bag and contents dry. A practical and stylish accessory designed to keep your meals fresh and cool. It's perfect for everyday use, fitting seamlessly into our lunch bags and lunch boxes.


• Polyester Fabric: Offers durability and a premium feel.

• Non-Toxic Filling: Filled with water and cellulose gum for safety and optimal cooling.

• Fully Immersible and Washable: Easy to clean for repeated use.

• Condensation-Free: Keeps your bag and contents dry.

• Removable Outer Sleeve: Allows for easy washing.

• Dimensions: 7"L X 0.25"W X 4"H - Perfectly sized for our lunch bags and backpacks.


Ice Packs

The outer sleeve of the ice packs is composed of polyester. Separate inner ice pack and exterior cover to clean. Wash each item by hand only. Do not heat.

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