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OmieLife V2 Shell - Pinkberry

OmieLife V2 Shell - Pinkberry

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This shell will only work with the redesigned OmieBox® model. All spare part purchases are non-refundableIf you're not sure which version OmieBox you have, please email us at

The shell does not include the following:

  • Thermos
  • Lid Seal
  • Securing Insert
  • Thermos Lid
  • Thermos Lid Gasket
  • Divider


  • If you're unsure which model you have, please turn your box over.
  • On the back of the box, there is a square box with 8 alpha numeric characters.
  • If the code has the letters SD, it's the original model.
  • If the code has the letters CH, it's the redesigned model. 
  • If you have any questions, please contact us at



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